Advanced Animation System

About the projects

The following projects were solo projects made for the course CS460 at Digipen using C++.

Skeletal animation and skinning

The goal of this project was to implement a 3D skeleton base animation system. On top of that I implemented skinning.


Motion control along a curve

The objective of this project was to have a biped moving along a path defined by a curve with the following requirements:

  • A curve parametrized by its arclength for the biped to move at a constant velocity along it
  • Have ease-in and ease-out functionality for the biped to accelerate/decelerate at the start/end of the curve
  • Two orientation methods in the curve for the biped, Frenet frame and center of interest


Inverse kinematics

This project consisted on implementing two solving methods for inverse kinematics:

  • 2D Analytical 2-bone IK solver
  • 3D Cyclic Coordinate Descent IK solver.


Verlet particle system

The aim of this project was to simulate rigid body dynamics using particle systems and verlet integration. For this I followed the paper Advanced Character Physics by Thomas Jakobsen to implement cloth simulation.