The Void official site: https://www.thevoid.com/dimensions/jumanji-vr/

Company: Climax Studios

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Role: Game Programmer


Jumanji: Reverse The Curse is an immersive VR experience developed by Climax Studios for The Void using The Void VR immersive technology. In this experience players fall into a unique world of adventure, becoming Dr. Bravestone, Ruby Roundhouse, Prof. Oberon or ‘Mouse’ Finbar while risking their three lives in a daring quest to return the jewel to the temple from which it was stolen.

About My Work in Jumanji

I was part of the development team from the beginning. So, in the first part of the development process I focused on fast prototyping; working alongside the design team to create game mechanics and systems. Through this process, I was key in investigating the capabilities of the technology and iterating on the functionality of the prototypes. All while maintaining these systems in a multiplayer environment.

Many of these prototypes used Leap Motion hardware that is integrated into the Void headsets. A couple of examples of these prototypes are:

  • Fingertip tracing: Using their fingertips, players were able to trace over a shape on a wall that, when completed, would activate an in-world object.
  • Fist fighting: A boxing game-like fight in which players could throw punches and dodge attacks from enemies. This fight involved a desynchronized view between the player fighting and the rest of the players watching the fight. Meaning that the player that is fighting saw their own movements, while players watching the fight saw impressive fighting animations play out on the fighting character.

After the prototyping stage, my primary responsibility was to maintain and iterate on the approved prototypes to fit the design changes and feedback as well as supporting designers to create scripted gameplay sequences.

Along with that responsibility, I worked hand-to-hand with the animators to implement their work into the various gameplay systems and logic that I had built.