High concept

“StoneHeart” is a 2D platform based shooting game, where the player has to go through the hazards of the level by making use of her different arrows

About the game

StoneHeart is a game project in which I worked on during my Sophomore year at Digipen in a team formed by 3 programmers and 5 artists using an engine made from scratch by the team

My main contributions to StoneHeart

  • Implemented the three different AI for enemies in the game:
    • Patroller enemy
    • Flying enemy
    • Melee enemy
  • Built the levels of the game using our tile-map level editor
  • Implemented line collision checking with tile-map using Bresenham
  • Programmed secondary gameplay features


gamelab_smallFinalist – Best Student Game at Gamelab Barcelona 2016

az_play_small Finalist – Best Basque Game at AzPlay 2016

fun_and_serious_smallFinalist – Best University Game at Fun&Serious 2016

The Team


  • Alvaro Rodriguez – Game Designer
  • Olatz Arin – Background Designer
  • Mikel Orrantia – Gameplay Programmer
  • Irene Velasco – UI Designer
  • Eurie Cirebide – Art Producer
  • Leia Haidar – Character Designer
  • Iker Eizagirre – Game Designer
  • Borja Portugal – Programming Producer & Technical Lead

Free Download