Find Me!

Find Me! is a game in which I worked for 48 hours while attending the Global Game Jam 2018 at the Azkuna Zentroa in Bilbao.

High Concept

With as little clues as you can, you must find your objective in the scenario. Other NPCs will give you the clues you need, but you must be fast since your score goes down every second. Find Me!

About the game

Find Me! is a 3D game based on the table game “Guess Who?” where the player needs to collect clues about the aspect of the entity it needs to find in order to win.

The player can receive clues from some of the characters in the level. But clues won’t be about what does the objective wear, but about what it doesn’t wear instead. For making the search easier, the player can dismiss characters, but careful! If the objective is dismissed, the game ends.

This game was made using Unreal Engine.

The Team


  • Sara Nikté – Art
  • Cristina Vaquero – Art
  • Ander Celaya – Art
  • Mikel Orrantia – Programming
  • Iker Eizagirre – Programming
  • Oscar Gonzalez – Programming
  • Iskander Barga – Programming

Free Download