DCL – The Game

DCL official site: https://dcl.aero/game/features/

Company: Climax Studios

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Role: Game Programmer


DCL – The Game is the official videogame of the Drone Champions League – the world’s leading series for Drone Racing Teams. Co-developed between DCL and Climax Studios, in this game you can fly the original tracks from DCL and experience Drone Racing like a professional pilot. Join the flying revolution!

About My Work in DCL – The Game

I joined the team near the end of the development of the launch version of the game, so I was mostly involved in the making of the successive patches,  which consisted on fixing bugs, perform network optimizations and implement new features to be added to the game.

Some examples of these features are:

  • Invite and join friends to race together: I developed the system to give the capacity to the player to send invites and join a friends race on all the three platforms supported by the game. This task involved:
    • Interfacing with each platforms subsystem on Unreal Engine (PS4, Xbox Live and Steam) to be able to send invites and join games from the platform layout.
    • Implementing the front-end logic to gather, send and query to the back-end the required data to be able to join a player.
    • Creating the logic to join friends that are racing from the in-game menu without having to use the platform interface.
  • PS4 RC Transmitter support: I co-develop the logic to be able to use any RC transmitter as a controller on PS4, the same way that is done on PC.