Fast Food


High concept

“Fast Food” is a 3D, 3rd person arcade adventure game in which you play as an onion. Your mission, free the clouds kidnapped by the evil leek which has established a monopoly on the distribution of your farm’s water

About the game

Fast Food is a game project in which I worked on during my Senior year at Digipen in a team formed by 7 programmers and 8 artists, using Unreal Engine 4

My main contributions to Fast Food

  • Game AI

    • Implemented the AI for the two minibosses of the game:
      • An escapist that evades obstacles in is way
      • A pursuer able to chase the player while moving in different rails
    • Programmed the two bosses of the game:
      • An enviromental boss
      • A 2D-like boss that spawns obstacle waves and electrifies rails
  • Animation

    • Implemented the Animation Blueprints for the enemies
    • Programmed the events for the animations to trigger
  • Gameplay

    • Programmed the barrel spawners of the game, capables of spawning secuences in the rails during time as well as simulating the time pass in a frame
    • Secondary gameplay elements
  • Others

    • Created a wrapper of UE4’s audio component for custom usage


The Team


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